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Better Late Than Never…Man Finds Car After 42 Years

Back around 1970, Bob Russell returned home one night to find that his 1967 Austin Healey had been stolen from in front of his home near Temple University in Philadelphia. It is sad to have lost such a beautiful roadster, but it happens on a fairly regular basis. What is so unusual is that the […]

Auto Loan Rate Falls to 2.5% at Bessemer System FCU in Greenville, PA

Drivers and want-to-be drivers within and around Greenville, PA now have a stronger reason than ever to purchase a new car with the auto loan rate dropping to 2.5 per cent at Bessemer System Federal Credit Union. With rates so low, car buyers can save hundreds of dollars each year as they pay off their […]

Uninsured Drivers May Sue if Injured in Pa

The Pennsylvania state Supreme Court has ruled that uninsured drivers may sue insured drivers if they are injured in an accident caused by the covered motorist. Though the right to sue someone who injures you may seem to be a right that does not need to be provided by a court, in Pennsylvania it took […]

PA Auto Finance Deals: New Castle Bellco FCU

Shopping for the best auto loan you can find in Pennsylvania?  If you work for Bell Atlantic, AT&T, or G.O. Crivella (or are related to someone who does), you may be eligible for the killer auto loan rates being offered by New Castle Bellco Federal Credit Union.  Lately they have been advertising rates of 3.75% […]

How Citations Affect Your Insurance Rates

Sometimes it seems that you need a crystal ball to understand what will affect your car insurance premiums. You might even think that some one just throws a dart at a piece of paper with a price on it and that price is your premium. Every carrier has its own set of criteria, but a […]